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WormaCulture is our take on the process known as Vermiculture, which is using worms to compost organic waste back into reusable, nutrient rich products in an environmentally friendly way. Over time we came up with the name WormaCulture as our worms are the ones there helping to make our magic happen and deserve much of the credit.

Most people agree that diverting waste away from our landfills through sustainable efforts like composting, recycling, permaculture and more are great ways to help better our environment. We couldn't agree more and believe that composting with worms is even more beneficial for a broader range of users, environments and applications versus traditional composting means.

People often assume that the worms you find squirming around sidewalks after it rains are the one's used for composting, which is not really the case (there's nearly 2,700 variations of the earthworm worldwide!) For us, worms like the Red Wiggler (Eisenia Foetida) and Indian Blue (Perionyx Excavatus) are primarily used, although they look similar.

In terms of efficiency, worm composting can take just days, not weeks or months like other methods (depending on volume) and with very little space. It's also virtually an odorless and silent process that can be done inside or outside of your home and in any capacity that you desire.

Worm created compost (Vermicompost) contains beneficial microbes, enzymes and more from the worms digestive tract that are not found with traditional composting methods, thus making it a higher quality product. And when added to your soil as a amendment or applied to your plants as a liquid, it's enzymes create natural barriers that repel pests while it's nutrients help your plants grow faster, healthier and stronger than plants without it.

Our worms can also help to enhance your flower beds and gardens too! As they go about their day, horizontal and vertical channels are created in the top layers of your soil, all lined with the nutrient rich castings from the waste that they consume. In doing so, they continuously add vital nutrients, microbes and enzymes back into your garden, help strengthen the root structures of your plants and assist in the water retention of your soil.

You'll also find that our worms are great for fishing too and may find them also being called "Panfish Worms" or "Trout Worms". Worms are also commonly used as food for turtles, lizards, chickens and aquariums in addition to a growing international demand for them as a protein supplement for human consumption.

So through the use of worms we're creating a culture of earth friendly products and services, or what we like to call WormaCulture! In doing so we're able to divert waste away from landfills while creating healthier products for our environment, all in a process that's been naturally perfected by worms over millions of years!

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Jane S. - Asheville

"An innovative way of repurposing our landfill bound waste while getting great compost in return. Bravo WormaCulture. Bravo! We're believers in the worm!"

Zach R. - Weaverville

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