The Adventure Begins

    Just like starting a business, writing a blog can be a pretty daunting task, especially for someone like myself. My desire to do things right often causes me to rethink decisions and return to do things over and over again. As a result, my social media posts often end up edited as my mind, hands and keyboard never seem to agree with each other.

    Call it OCD (my wife sure does!) but it's been a constant struggle in my life, even as I sit here and write this post. Although sometimes frustrating, my OCD-isms have also been one of the biggest blessings in my life too. It has allowed me to envision things that others couldn't see and create some pretty cool projects over the years.

    So, you may be asking yourself "What does this have to do with worm farming or with WormaCulture?" Well, to me a lot so please let me explain ...

    As stated above, starting a business is tough then adding in some OCD can be even tougher. Over the last few weeks I've had at least six dozen combinations of logos, website ideas and other things running through my head. We've been learning programs like Hootsuite, Quickbooks, Pixlr and Inkscape, setting up social media sites, email blasts, integrating it all and building the website you see here with Wix.

    I've also been busy designing business cards with Vistaprint, t-shirts with Zazzle, working with local screen printers and marketing our company's products to local businesses. In what spare time is left (if there's such a thing), I've been learning microbiology, microscopy, teaching myself photography (with a professional grade camera) and learning how to post process our picture files with Adobe's Lightroom.

    In the middle of it all, my wife and I decided to leave our careers, sell our home and move our family (and worms) 600+ miles up the East Coast to start a new life together in the mountains. Once here, we expanded our worm operation tenfold, designing and building every part of it by hand.

    Through it all, we've been the dedicated, adventure loving parents that we've always been to our three beautiful children and new German Shepherd puppy. We've been out hiking, biking, picking apples and spending a lot of quality time with them outdoors. It's what we have always loved to do, even before we took on starting a business.

    Have I left anything out? Probably so, but I think you get the point that we've been busy ... but we have been having a blast following our dream!

    So to answer the question, for us WormaCulture is not just about selling some high quality worm generated products. It's also about appreciating what hard work can do for you in life. How creativity and determination, when channeled properly can be extremely rewarding and how being resourceful as you navigate life (or a business) is a great way to live.

    Hopefully our efforts with WormaCulture will inspire others to take their own personal leaps of faith, following their desire to make the world a better place for all. If through our own struggles that happens just once, then starting our company will be a huge success for us.

    Anyway, we've put all of this out there just to say thank you to those who have supported our journey so far and for those who we have yet to meet. As we diligently work on bringing you the very best products, services and user experience possible, please be patient with our website as it's currently a work in progress.

    Have a great week and we'll see you soon. Cheers!

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