Soil Microbiology

I really can't explain how great of a class this was as Jane Weaver was so hospitable and interesting to listen to! I walked away with an entirely new respect for scientists and the amazing work that they do. I feel like an entire new world has opened up for me in the importance of what we do as worm farmers, and can't wait to put my newfound knowledge to work!

Since the class I've been frequently thinking about things like protozoa, pathogens, fungal strands, flagellates and microbes. I also get excited when someone wants to talk about them with me or take a peek under my microscope! Lol. I've officially been bitten by the omnivorous nematode bug (you heard it right!) and want to learn everything that I can about soil microbiology now.

So stay tuned as over the next few weeks I'll be putting my knowledge to work and posting some pictures of what I come across. Hopefully they'll be interesting to you too and maybe even bring out your inner soil scientist like it has for me. If so, be sure to give Jane a call (information is below) and set up your own class. You won't be disappointed!

Until next time. Cheers!

9/29/17 - Coming October 11th and 12th Jane Weaver from Earth and Spirit Design in Asheville, NC ( will be holding a two day microbiology workshop for those interested in learning how to self evaluate their own vermicompost and worm tea.

Topics covered will be the basics of microscope use, soil fertility and microbe identification. The class is $200 and seats are limited. Additionally, bringing a microscope is suggested but not required to attend the class.

In attendance will be Mary Ann Smith from Valley View Farm in Waynesville, Kristen Beigay from Earthen Organics in Easley and yours truly. It's looking to be a very fun class!

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