Taking A Closer Look

    A few months back a few of us local worm enthusiasts took a two day soil science and microscopy class and ever since I've been really intrigued with what's in the products that we produce. So much so that we went out and bought our own microscope to randomly test our products as they are produced.

    Shockingly enough our daughter is a microscope expert too! She's been taking classes at school and already knew how to set one up and was fascinated with the microbes that we were looking at. As we looked closer she was quizzing me, so we may have found another budding soil scientist in the making.

    As we looked we found all kinds of goodies including nematodes, fungal strands and bacteria. For us it was amazing to see, and reassuring to know that the products we're selling are not just some rich smelling dirt. We know that our customers will agree, and if not we can now show them!

    Until next time. Cheers!

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    "Simply the best solution for giving back to our beloved Asheville community! Their service has far exceeded our expectations and we will be customers for life."

    Jane S. - Asheville

    "An innovative way of repurposing our landfill bound waste while getting great compost in return. Bravo WormaCulture. Bravo! We're believers in the worm!"

    Zach R. - Weaverville

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