We Accept

Kitchen Waste

Fruit & Veggies

Coffee Grounds

Tea Bags

Egg Shells

Bread & Pasta

Garden Clippings
Dead Plants

Leaves & Grass

Shredded Paper

 & Cardboard*


Food Waste


Organic Manures

Farm Waste*


Junk Mail*

Wood Chips*

We Limit

Heavy Salts & Spices
Cheese & Butter
Grease & Oil
Meat & Fish
Dairy Products
Post Consumer
Food Waste*
Some Manures*

We Decline

Pet Waste
Human Waste
Plastics & Rubber
Chemicals & Paint
Metal & Concrete
Medical & Medicine
Hair Clippings*
Clothes & Shoes
Dead Animals
(common request)
Putrid Items
Pest Infested Items

NO CONTRACTS, commitments or mess.

Community shared compost is INCLUDED.

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"Simply the best solution for giving back to our beloved Asheville community! Their service has far exceeded our expectations and we will be customers for life."

Jane S. - Asheville

"An innovative way of repurposing our landfill bound waste while getting great compost in return. Bravo WormaCulture. Bravo! We're believers in the worm!"

Zach R. - Weaverville

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